Active Africa home and commercial gym equipment

Gym Equipment Service and Maintenance

We service Gym equipment for private individuals, full commercial and corporate gyms.

Active Africa provides a complete maintenance and servicing service. Trained technicians are available to visit your facility and service both home gym equipment and commercial gym equipment, strength and cardio. Regular services and preventative maintenance reduces downtime and prolongs the usable life of gym equipment.

Maintenance contracts vary from customer to customer based on their specific requirements. Call us for a gym service.

Gym Service and Maintenance contracts are based on:

  • Type of equipment - Strength or Cardio
  • Number of pieces
  • Usage rate - busy or quiet gym
  • Duration - 6, 12, 24 months etc.
  • Frequency of service - Monthly, quarterly etc.
  • Spares and consumables are normally quoted separately
  • Special requests
  • Once the terms of the service are agreed upon, a contract is drawn up and signed. Active Africa will schedule the dates and contact the facility a few days before the service to check for any special requests.

Payment for the servicing contract can be included in advance when equipment is purchased or billed on a monthly basis.

Gym Servicing Contract Procedure

  • The technician contacts the gym before the service to see if there are any special requests.
  • The technician works according to the list of equipment as per the service contract.
  • Upon completion the gym manager / owner is asked to sign confirming that the technician was there and the work carried out.
  • If there are any charges that fall outside the service agreement a separate invoice is generated detailing the work completed.
  • Quotes for additional work will be submitted before the work is carried out.
  • A record of the service calls are kept for future reference purposes.

Service Procedure on Request

  • The technician confirms as much detail as is possible before the service.
  • If details are not available an assessment is conducted upon arrival at the gym and the equipment information noted.
  • If possible, and with the consent of the gym management, the service is completed during the first call.
  • Quotes are sent if additional work is required and, once accepted, the work is carried out.
  • Details of the service are kept for reference purposes.

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