Wahoo TICKRx Heart Rate Strap

Wahoo TICKRx Heart Rate Strap

More than a heart rate strap! Measure your activity while doing your sit ups, crunches, push ups, pull ups etc. The heart rate strap takes your workout to the next level.

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Weight 0.3 kg
Wireless Radio

Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+


Take your workouts to the next level!

More than a heart rate sensor, the TICKRx also monitors activity. Use the Wahoo App (or your preferred App) to see your activity in relation to your heart rate and compare results to previous saved workouts.

The built in memory stores up to 16 hours of workout data and can be synced with your phone or tablet when in range of your preferred device.

Watch this video, heart rate and functional training will never be the same again.

Map My Fitness

Record your workouts to MapMyFitness.


Vitality members can earn up to 200 Vitality points a day for getting active with fitness devices linked through MapMyFitness or with the MapMyFitness app which tracks exercise routes. MapMyFitness offers a platform where you can use a range of fitness devices and apps to track your fitness activities, routes and progress. You can have fun with your friends while improving your health.


With advanced multi-axis motion sensors and heart rate-based intensity monitoring, TICKRx can help you get stronger by counting reps and measuring if you’re pushing yourself hard enough during your workout.


In combination with many leading running Apps, TICKRx uses motion tracking to calibrate important metrics like distance, stride rate and calorie burn, while also making sure you’re controlling your form to prevent injuries that hamper training.


TICKRx is the fitness tracker for anyone who likes to vary their routine. Need a break from your bike or the treadmill? TICKRx works with circuit-based training programs like the 7-Minute Workout to make every squat, lunge and plank count.

7 Minute Workout App with the Wahoo TICKRx



Combine the high-intensity, interval 7 Minute Workout App
with Wahoo TICKR X workout tracker for the first ever fully
integrated experience! Let the TICKR X count reps so
you are free to focus on form and put
more power into your workout.

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The fitness app that you can take anywhere and the only equipment you need is your body.Download for iOS. Download for Android.

Count Reps


TICKRx has advanced motion analytics that will capture every repetition for each exercise.

Program in your CrossFit WOD (Workout Of the Day), e.g. a Fran, Murph, Grace, Isabel, Filthy Fifty and the App will keep track of  each rep and your heart rate. Compare your progress over time and get more from your workouts.

Rep Counting
Road Running Stride Rate
Running - Ground Contact
Running Smoothness
Treadmill Stride Rate

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Weight 0.3 kg
Wireless Radio

Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+

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