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Self Powered workout machines

You are the power.

These High-Intensity machines deliver an effective resistance training platform that captures the benefits of speed and agility training, lateral training and sled training.

  • Normal Running at an 11% incline similar to a normal treadmill
  • Resistance training - Simulate pushing against a sled
  • Use the support bars to run forwards, sideways and backwards
  • Farmers walk on the HIITMILL X
  • Place anywhere in your gym or home - no power required
  • Warranty and after sales support
  • Great value at a great price

High Intensity Training just got a whole lot tougher & rewarding!

You are the power.

Your members get a great workout.

Do the farmers walk or push a sled indoors for as long as you can.

You'll run out of legs before you run out of stairs.

You'll be praying for leg day. Sit or stand, you decide.

No escape for the lungs, arms or legs.

Stairmaster HIIT Program Workout

The equipment is just as tough as the workouts they deliver.

No power required just a whole lot of muscle.

One workout for the whole body.

You decide how fast and how far you want to run. Forwards, backwards, or sideways. You'll never run out of road.

Exercise Equipment - Home and Commercial Gym Products

Warranties & after sales support

The fitness equipment is backed by after sales service and warranties. Our technical team is available to assist with the delivery, installation, servicing and repair of your exercise equipment.

Included in our range is the BH Range of home exercise equipment. Europe's best selling range of home fitness equipment. Star Trac is one of the worlds leading commercial gym equipment - strength and cardio  brands. Included in their product range are products like the BoxMaster, Airfit Bike, Stair Mill and Tread Climber. If you are looking to give your customers something special this is the range. The A6 Commercial Strength Equipment is a reliable, cost effective option when you're working with a tight budget. Cactic Fitness is a modular gym that gives you the freedom to create your gym, your way. Ideal for home, light commercial and commercial facilities.

Gym Accessories

Sanctband Rubber Loops

A full range of accessories. From rubber loops through to handles, bars, weight plates and dumbbells. Ideal for home and commercial gyms.

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